• assorted raw meats

    Fresh Meat

    Fresh meat, minced meat, chicken  In the department of fresh meat you will find a wide selection of various types of meat – lamb, pork, beef, chicken. Reasonable ...

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  • smoked fish

    Smoked Fish

    Smoked and dried fish for every taste Salmon and sturgeon, herring and mackerel, trout and tuna and many other species. Fish – hot and cold smoked, dried fish ...

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  • Depositphotos_2397147_xs


    Sausages and freshest cuts! We bring you the widest choice of sausages, rolls and sausages, prepared according to traditional national recipes – Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, etc. All the ...

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  • foods

    Prepared foods

    Home cuisine and salad bar Forget about cooking at home, you can always try a wide selection of home cooked meals in our department of finished products. Join ...

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  • Tasty pelmeni with tomato and salad

    European Grocery

    The imported European groceries, what you like! All of your favorite childhood products and brands, the widest range of grocery products, pierogies and dumplings, sauces and drinks – ...

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  • DSC_1742

    Fresh Produce

    Fresh vegetables every day for the best prices! In the section you will always find the freshest fruits and vegetables. The most exotic fruits and rare vegetables at ...

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  • Cheese


    Cheeses from around the world  In our supermarket assembled dozens of kinds of cheese from Europe and around the world. Even the most demanding gourmets will always find ...

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  • DSC_1755

    Fresh Dairy

    From kefir to sour cream. Unique dairy products  Not everywhere you can find a large variety of specific dairy products such as kefir or fermented baked milk. Also ...

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  • bread

    Fresh Bakery

    With the heat from the heat! If you like bread, you’ll love our variety of European and Russian breads. You will not find anywhere else such a wide ...

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  • Cakes in a shop

    Cakes and pastries

    Cakes and pastries, and ready to order. Sweets – Yum! You will find here a wide selection of classic cakes and pastries such as Napoleon, honey cake, custard ...

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  • wine

    Beer & wine

    Huge selection of European beers and wines from around the world. Always good prices and the best deals!

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  • DSC_1773

    Bulk or Boxed Candy

    The Sweet Life! In our supermarket, you will find the largest selection of European, Russian and Ukrainian sweets. Weighted candy and gift boxes for any most refined taste. ...

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  • 2013-07-30 18.38.59

    Home & beauty

    Wide selection of products for home, health and beauty in our supermarket. All products at affordable prices and standing offers and discounts. Buy products for health and beauty ...

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